Monday, April 30, 2012

Feature of the Day #43: Zahner Photo

Octopus Art Nautical Home Decor 4x6 Underwater Photograph
Today's feature goes to Zahner Photo, aka, Terence Zahner and his captivating land and sea photography. 
Zahner's artistic goals lay in, "preserving fragile, fleeting moments of natural beauty." While his main focus is on underwater photography-gained by ten years of scuba experience- he has also captured a variety of land based flora and fauna as well. Not to mention a darker series on gargoyles (see bottom of page). 
Zahner's inspiration comes from tiny overlooked creatures, shadows and natural patterns. These natural patterns can be found in many of his subjects from wildlife to coral. 
For example, in his image Abstract Anemone (below), Zahner captures the natural occuring patterns within nature. Yet these patterns carry the chaotic feel of life; an organized chaos at best. The colors in the image are stunning and carry a certain level of sheen. Gold and silver play off each other as dark patches break up the image to form a cohesive picture. The anemone itself is a mixture of curving tendrils and odd circles. It seems frozen in time with the potential to start waving again at any moment. 
Anemone Tentacles Abstract 8x12 Underwater Photograph Nautical Decor
Abstract Anemone
Zahner not only has a talent for capturing color underwater-an extremely difficult task-he also has a gift for black and white photography. The contrasts in Squid (below) are strong without becoming overly-dramatic. The result is a single subject against a plain background that captures the movement and feel of the cephalopod. Even the little specks of color stand out strong upon the squid's head. The eye stands out bodly as the lightest part of the image. The pupil seems alien compared to our own, but is shaped as such to allow the squid to see better at deep depths. As Zahner describes, "you can sense a squid's intelligence as they watch you," and it feels like he captured a glimpse of it in the squid's eye. It might have just been a chance meeting, fleeting and brief, but the moment Zahner shares with the viewer is timeless.
Squid Art Black and White Nautical Decor Masculine Modern Underwater Photograph
In Zahner's series on gargoyles (below), he shares the guardians of Paris with the viewer. There is a potent feeling of loneliness in each image as the subject is captured by itself against a plain background. The gargoyles watch over the city, hunched upon their pedestals; forced to watch but never be a part of. The use of black and white photography serves as an enhancer to the overwhelming sense of separation. It becomes easy to see the gargoyle as a living creature, and thus something to be pitied in its isolation. 
Zahner's ability to capture life in the lifeless, or alive as we hardly understand it (i.e. coral) is impressive. To get the viewer to feel something for a statue is nearly impossible, and yet he does. It's a testament to the power of a photographer with vision, and who has something to share.
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Feature of the Day #42: Metamorphosing

orange and pink butterfly
Orange and Pink Butterfly
Today's feature goes to Metamorphosing, aka, Anna McNeil and her Metamorphosis project.
McNeil is a painter who works in oil, and employs a unique technique that involves ink, bleach and watercolour. She received her BA in fine art from Bath Academy of art, UK, and has exhibited and sold widely in the UK and Europe. Her work can be found in many private collections.
To McNeil, art is, "a form of communication-a language that everyone should have the opportunity to understand and appreciate." She has an interest in bringing art "out into the streets" and desires to provide an opportunity for everyone to, "view and respond to my work, whether or not they are accustomed to visiting exhibitions or engaging in contemporary art discussion."
Whilst McNeil has captured a variety of subjects with her brush, this feature will be focusing on her "Metamorphosis" project. The project itself consists of 1,000 small paintings in ink, watercolour and bleach. The hope behind it is to sell original art individually at affordable prices, in order to share art with the world. Since the beginning of 2011, over a third of the butterflies have already fluttered their way to new homes across the world.
This is what McNeil has to say about her series, butterflies, and what it all means to her:
Turquoise Green And White Butterfly
Metamorphosis: an expanding series of butterflies, each unique, symbolizing the metamorphosis of each moment or thought in time. The butterfly has been represented in the art of many cultures both ancient and modern; from Egyptian hieroglyphics to Aztec, Mayan or other American Indian symbolism, Asian art and contemporary cultures.
The ancient Greek word for butterfly means soul or mind. In Japanese culture, the butterfly was seen as the personification of a person's soul and in many ancient cultures symbolized rebirth into a new life after a period of being cocooned inside for some time.

The inspiration for this project came as an unconscious meditative action and for me derives its significant personal symbolism from a combination of these interpretations.
As for the work itself, each butterfly is unique and special. Just as no two butterflies, people, or snowflakes are exactly the same, neither are her creations. Each image is a different blend of colors in individual patterns. The colors McNeil uses feel very natural: sky blue, moss green, rose red, earth brown, etc. They're soft yet bold, proudly sitting upon their small pieces of paper as though they had just landed there. The technique McNeil uses to paint the butterflies is very free-flowing and generally without borders. She allows the colors to spread naturally, like a butterfly being carried by a breeze. This creates a beautiful juxtaposition between the realm of reality, and the realm of the mind. Our imagination fills in the blanks, creating butterflies where there is only color and blurred edges; as though McNeil wants the viewer to experience the image on their own terms. The result is a personal feeling for each butterfly as we associate, imagine, and become inspired by the flutter of wings.
SPRING SALE deep red butterfly with white tipped wings
Deep Red Butterfly 
To see more of the "Metamorphosis" Project, stop by McNeil's Etsy store here:

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feature of the Day #42: My Little Pixles

Fine art photography - dandelion nature photography 5x5 - blue green teal spring macro print -  "Delicate" clickety
Today's feature goes to My Little Pixels, aka, Anna Jane and her soft and beautiful photography.
Anna's life changed the day she received her DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera). As she says, "suddenly, ordinary things became potential photo-ops and the beauty in the everyday jumped out at me and commanded my attention. It was like putting on a pair of reading glasses; everything suddenly became much clearer." Through her lens, Anna captures small but unbelievably beautiful moments; from ice to rain drops, cupcakes to dandelions, and many subjects in between.
There is a quiet and delicate atmosphere in every one of her images. As though the air itself has been captured to complete the moment. Her images are as still and soft as dawn, and the lighting just as soothing. 
Fine art photography print 5x5 - Peace Offering  - botanical print rain drop photo purple photograph - clickety
Peace Offering
In her image, Peace Offering (left), two rain drops rest delicately upon a plant's outstretched finger. There is a sense of poise in the balancing act the two are engaging in. At any moment the droplet could slide off and continue its journey to the earth; but for now it remains in the plant's embrace. It creates a still and gentle moment, resting between the potential of the moment and the silence of it. 
Anna uses point of focus rather poignantly as a way to draw the eye to that which is important. For example, in her image Isolation (below), the image is blurred around the edges and into the middle until it reaches the water droplet. Contained within the water is a stunning magnification of the feather's ridges and lines. The distortion caused by the water pulls the middle of the feather, known as the rachis, in an upward curve. The eye's path is drawn to it and becomes trapped within the bead of water. The curve leading to the edge of the water, then circling right back in. A gentle world of pink and whites, focus and clarity, all seen through the eye of Anna's lens and captured to share with everyone. 
To see many more gorgeous and wonderful examples, visit Anna's Etsy store here:
5x5 Fine art photography print  pink - botanical prints - feather rain drop photo macro photo vintage inspired "Isolation" clickety
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Feature of the Day #41: Woodforddell Designs

hand carved Osage Orange  wooden love spoon
Osage Orange Wood Spoon
Today's feature goes to Woodforddell Designs, AKA, Sharon and her wonderful sculptures.
Sharon has had a love for art and creating things her entire life. Not only is she a sculptor, but a quilter and a carver, along with anything else that strikes her creative fancy. Her wood carving skills are self-taught, with help from her fellow carvers. Each one of her creations is created with long-practiced skill and great patience. Because she doesn't like repetition, each carving is one-of-a-kind. Some may be similar, but they are never exactly the same. 
Most of the wood Sharon uses for her creations is from the prunings of trees from her property, but she also receives woods from friends and family. She even reuses the wood of old furniture and discarded items, then transforms them into something amazing. Her carvings include spoons, faces, hair accessories, and utensils to name a few. 
Wood tree spirit- green man- hand carved- present for Fathers Day- birthday gift-log cabin decor
Her favorite thing to carve faces into are roots and driftwood. Sharon has an uncanny knack for noticing the potential for an object, then bringing it out. Like a true sculptor, she can see what others can't: opportunity. To many, it may be a worthless piece of wood from a dead tree, but to her it's Chip, a cranky piece of wood who almost got chopped up. 
Chip (shown left) started life as a shrub/tree called "Pieris formosa var. forrestii," that took up residence in her parent's yard. As it become old and started to wither, her father cut it down and gave her a piece of the wood. From this, Sharon carved Chip. He even bears some battle scares from almost getting cut up by the ban saw. But Sharon saw Chip in the wood and carefully cut him out. The cranky look upon his face is perhaps a result of almost getting chopped up. It's a true show of skill and dedication that so much life can be see on such a small piece of wood. 
hand carved wood spirit-oak tree spirit-green man sculpture
There is an undeniably strong connection between Sharon and her creations, spanning further and deeper than we can guess at. These connections can be seen in every one of her pieces, but perhaps none so strong as her piece, Olie, (right) whom she quite literally rescued from the fire. This is her description of Olie's discovery:
This is Olie! I was on a camping trip with my family and kicking the fire in, when I noticed this last bit of oak on the edge of the fire pit. It called out to me and said, "Stop! I'm Olie and I'm here if you just let me out I will bring a smile to you!" So that's what I did with this piece of oak. And even though he took a least 30 hours or so to get him out, he did make me smile with his chubby cheeks, front and back!
Sharon's dedication lead her to carving each hair individually with a hand held micro gouge; a time consuming project made harder by the fact Oak is a very hard wood.
Sharon is constantly making new and unique creations, and would love to share them with you! To see many more examples of her keen eye and beautiful craftsmanship, visit her Etsy store today!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Feature of the Day #40: David A. Carlson

Elephant, Painting of Elephants, Watercolor Painting, Wildlife Painting, Elephant Art, Africa
Today's feature goes to David A. Carlson and his beautiful watercolor paintings.
Carlson has always had a love for art work. His Uncle, who was a well known artist, taught him watercolor painting for a number of years. His father was also a painter, and some of the best memories of his youth are painting by his father's side. Carlson still remembers his first painting: a night scene with the moon and lights from surrounding home reflecting off a lake. He has been a painter ever since.
In 1998, Carlson recieved his Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Utah. He has designed and managed the construction of several commercial buildings and schools in Utah and Texas. He has also practiced for a number of years for two national firms based in Texas and California, as well as in Salt Lake City. For a period of eight months, Carlson had the opportunity to travel for the Air Force working on master planning and dorm analysis. This project took him to bases all over the United States, Hawaii, and from the Aleutian Island to Wake Island.
Watercolor Painting
Under Construction
In 2009, the firm Carlson worked for unfortunately closed, and as the Great Recession worsened, so did his prospects to continue working in architecture. Yet even through these hard times, he has chosen to see it as, "a long awaited opportunity and a new challenge."
Carlson's watercolors are beautiful and bold, unique and a treat for the eyes. His love for architecture is clear, as his brush masterfully captures it on the canvas. There is a strong illustrative quality to his images, as though each painting is waiting to tell its story.
There seem to be two separate styles in which Carlson paints. One is a highly realistic style, more commonly seen in his paintings of architecture, both natural and man-made. Each window rendered with care, each tile placed gently upon the roofs. For example, his painting Under Construction (left) is of the Utah State Capitol as it was under repair. Carlson himself got to be a part of the design team for the restoration of the building. As he says, he was, "fascinated at the engineering upgrades and architectural work that went into this project." It is very much an artist mindset to not only paint the building when it's complete and shining, but while it's under repair and at its most vulnerable. Yet even with the scaffolding wrapped around it, Carlson's painting captures the beauty of the damaged building. The scaffolding feels like linen wrappings, holding the building together as it heals. The curving dome, as strong as ever, pull the eye up into the bold Cupola as it overlooks its city.
Painting of a Rusted Truck, Watercolor Painting of a truck, Original Painting, Rusted Old Truck, Earth Tones and Colors
Rusted Old Truck
The other style of painting Carlson employs is more minimalist, carrying only the essentials of what each image needs to hold itself. For example, Rusted Old Truck, (right) shows the jagged remains of a once reliable vehicle. Now reduced to basic edges and shapes. Carlson's brush is light and the colors are soft, but the edges remain harsh enough to serve as a reminder of decay. There are no scaffolding wraps for this elderly pickup. Just the long degeneration as it returns to nature. Yet Carlson has captured the beauty of the remaining form through his use of light and shadows. It gives the truck a sense of proud dignity as it stands alone with the countless memories at carries.

To see more of David Carlson's work, visit his Etsy store here:
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Feature of the Day #39: Clay Lick Creek Pottery

Clay Mug Cup Pottery Modern Coffee Brown and White 12 oz / Clay Lick Creek Pottery -2
Brown and White Coffee Mugs
Today's feature goes to Clay Lick Creek Pottery, AKA, Karen Fiorino and her fun and creative pottery.
Fiorino has been creating pottery for about 15 years. It all started with a few ceramic classes, taken on the advice of her friend. The wheels, both literal and metaphorical, started turning and Fiorino fell in love with the process. She bought her own throwing wheel, paid off her debts, quit her day job, and began her pursuit of a life of art. However, life threw her a curveball with the sudden arrival of her son causing her to slow down for a time. Yet she never quit. She now travels to various art fairs where her work is well received. In 2010, she introduced her work to the internet, and thus, the world. As for the name of her store, Clay Lick Creek Pottery, it came from the creek that flows across the land she lives on.
Clay Pottery Sun Sunflower Wall Hanging Home Decor Slab Formed - Clay Lick Creek Pottery
Sunflower Wall Hanging
Fiorino specializes in functional pottery such as serving bowls, mugs, pet bowls, plates, and much more. She believes that, "people should have beautiful objects in their homes and use these beautiful objects in their everyday life." Nature serves as Fiorino's inspiration, "from the smallest to the largest of creatures-from the colors of geological formations to the colors of the sunrise and sunset." Her education includes a B.S. and M.A. in Zoology, specializing in Ichthyology (fish), which she draws on for a lot of ideas. Her sense of humor also shines through in her light-hearted and fun creations, which leads to vibrant, joyful, and delightful pottery that is as unique as she is.
This is what Fiorino has to say about her creative process and what her work means to her:
Stoneware Feeding Dish Pet Cat or Dog Pink Blue Pottery Bowl - Clay Lick Creek Pottery - 1
Stoneware Pet Dish
Oftentimes, I have no idea what my work will look like until I am done, the designs simply develop while I am working on them. My goal for each piece is that when people come in contact with my work, they will experience joy and positive energy. One of my favorite things to hear from people who have my work, is how much they enjoy my pottery, how it makes them happy. If one of my purposes in life is to spread happiness, I believe I am succeeding one person at a time."
Majolica Earthenware Pottery Clay Bowl Brown and Olive Green Leaf Serving / Clay Lick Creek Pottery
Earthenware Pottery Clay Bowl
During the creation process itself, Fiorino uses an electric wheel or slab roller. She uses a traditional red earthenware clay, which is one of the oldest materials used in pottery. It is less strong, less tough, and more porous than stoneware, but is used extensively for tableware and decorative objects because it's much easier to work with. After the basic form is thrown, the bottoms are trimmed to create a foot ring, then are signed and dated. The pottery is then fired in a kiln to bisque it. Bisque refers to pottery that has been fired, but not yet glazed. Fiorino then glazes her pieces with homemade majolica glaze, which is the opaque white background glaze. From there, she uses a brush to paint ceramic colorants onto the raw glaze surface. Lastly, the pieces are placed back in the kiln to seal the glaze surface. The results are one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces that dance with color and life. Each one unique, inspired, and a wonderful combination of beauty and functionality.
Make sure to check out Fiorino's Etsy shop for over a hundred different hand-made beautiful pottery creations!
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Majolica Earthenware Pottery Clay Love Bird Parrots Yellow Orange Olive Green Wall Hanging Trinket Tray  Clay Lick Creek Pottery
Love Birds Wall Hanging

Friday, April 20, 2012

Feature of the Day #38: Simply Natural Photos

Wildlife Photography -Birds in Flight - Snowy Egret - Bird art
Touch Down
Today's features goes to Simply Natural Photos, AKA, Chris Hudson and his sublime nature photography.
Hudson is a professional photographer from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. He loves nature and photography, and this devotion shows clearly in every one of his stunning images. Hudson has a passion for shooting the local wildlife, as well as forms of nature he observes on his travels. He can be found exploring the local beaches of Maryland and Virginia, on the hunt for shorebirds and other plants and animals he finds on the journey. Images from Alaska and other parts of the United States are also captured through his lens; sharing the beautiful and magnificent creatures with all.
Hudson's images are the result of years of, "trudging through marsh, laying in sand, and being devoured by bugs." Yet this act of sacrifice and toil is something he takes in stride, saying, "The only thing I love more then this is sharing my work with you." The pure words of a photographer who is in love with his art form and the subjects who inhabit it.
16x24 Fine art print...Angel on the Beach
Angel on the Beach
While Hudson has captured a wide variety of wildlife, his lens seems to be particularly drawn to those with wings. He has a special talent for capturing birds at their most majestic and regal moments. From flight, to dramatic landings, resting peacefully to graceful stretching, Hudson captures it all. Yet it's one thing to capture a moment, and another to keep the life of the moment intact. His images carry soul and memory, transporting the viewer to far off dunes, ocean air, and the flutter of wings.
One of Hudson's most stunning photos is Angel on the Beach (left). It may just be an image of an egret taking the time to preen itself, but it stands as a captured moment in time and a placeholder for a memory. Compositionaly, the strong verticals from the bottom leg, up through the beck and neck make the image powerful, while the soft flow of feathers caught in the breeze make it gentle. There is hardly any color besides the beak and hints of blues, greens and browns faded into the background. It's a wonderful juxtaposition of a powerful shorebird, against the cool colors of the beach.
Chincoteague ponies. 20x30 Fine art print.
Chincoteague Ponies
Hudson's dedication to capturing nothing but the best is admirable. If he were just a man with a camera, his images would bear the evidence of the disruption of nature. The backsides of birds, the wary look, the attention of the herd. Instead, the creatures in his images exist undisturbed, peacefully going about their lives. Instead of charging onto a beach with the hope of capturing the one in a million shot, he waits for it to happen; letting the moment unfurl as it was meant to. It's reminiscent of the phrase, "Take only memories, leave only footprints." Hudson has taken countless memories from the places he's visited, and  it is his simple wish to share them with you.
Make sure to stop by Hudson's Etsy store today for over 200 different prints, each one more stunning than the last.

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Osprey and fish,  8x10 fine art matted and signed print.
Osprey and Fish

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Feature of the Day #37: The Menu

Honey Bear Earrings - Miniature Food Resin Polymer Clay Jewelry
Honey Bear Earrings
Today's feature goes to The Menu, Aka Jason and Catrina Donham and their mouth-watering food sculptures. Fair warning: looking at the following pictures will most likely make you very hungry.
Jason and Catrina Donham are brother and sister, working together to share their quirky creations with the world. Jason has been making miniature food for 10 years and sculpting in the more traditional media for over 15 years. Catrina has been working with jewelry for nearly as long, and they both have been working in various media since childhood. Their creations started when Jason had an idea to collaborate on a project and the rest, as they say, is history.
Shrimp Udon Soup with Chopsticks Ring - Miniature Food Polymer Clay Jewelry
Shrimp Udon Soup
It's hard to know where to start when talking about the Donham's creations. From color to sheen, scale to level of detail, it's all incredibly impressive. Each piece has been masterfully hand sculpted with a variety of mediums including polymer clay, resin, wood, and ceramics. Polymer clay is, "a sculptable material based on the polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC)." Typically, it actually contains no clay minerals and is only called clay because it molds and sculpts with similar properties to clay. Various pigments may be added to the translucent base, which provides a variety of colors. To increase the level of opacity, kaolin or other opaquing agents may be added. Mica is added to simulate pearelscent and metallic effects. Resin is the hydrocarbon secretion of plants, particularly coniferous trees. For example, amber is a fossilized resin from ancient trees. Resins are used in varnishes, adhesives, and food glazing agents to name just a few examples of this diverse product.
For the adorable product, Honey Bear Earrings (shown above right), the bears were first hand sculpted in polymer clay, then cast in honey-colored resin. The caps and faces were then painted on, followed by a thin layer of resin to prevent them from scratching off. Due to the nature of the resin, the bears have little bubbles inside them that naturally capture the same look of a real honey bear.
I Love You Romantic Alphabet Soup Necklace - Miniature Food Polymer Clay Jewelry
I love you Alphabet Soup
In Shrimp Udon Soup (above), not only was polymer clay and resin used, but the little bowl and plate are made from real ceramics and the chopsticks carved from wood. The ingredients of the soup itself include noodles, a fish cake, mushrooms, snow peas, green onion and a cute little shrimp. Everything about it looks so realistic, one can practically smell the tantalizing soup through the screen. The broth has the perfect level of sheen, and using real wood for the chopsticks was the perfect touch to make this piece come alive.
This level of attention to detail is found in every single item in the Donham's store. The colors are spot-on, and the texture is mind-bogglingly accurate. Pie crust looks like it could crumble, bread looks perfectly toasted, eggs have a sheen of grease, doughnut's powdered sugar is light and fluffy. Even the silverware has enough detail to keep the illusion intact. There also seems to be a level of connection and nostalgia when looking at their food. The tomato soup can conjure up warm memories of a snowy winter day, while their apple pie speaks of summer and vanilla ice cream. It's comfort at its base, simple pleasures and tasty memories. Everything about the Donham's work stands as a testament to their dedication for creating something that is truly head and shoulders above the rest.
Apple Pie Barrette  - Miniature Food Polymer Clay Jewelry
Apple Pie Barrette
For over a hundred examples of the Donham's work, make sure to stop by their Etsy store today!

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Deluxe Breakfast Ring version 2  - Miniature Food Polymer Clay Jewelry
Deluxe Breakfast Ring
Peppermint Pattyl Ear Studs  - Miniature Food Polymer Clay Jewelry
Peppermint Patty Ear Studs
Powdered Sugar Doughnut Ear Studs - Miniature Food Polymer Clay Jewelry Donut
Powdered Sugar Doughnut Ear Stud
Hostess Twinkie Earrings - Miniature Food Polymer Clay Jewelry
Hostess Twinkie Earrings

Heart Jam Cookie Ear Studs  - Miniature Food Polymer Clay Jewelry
Heart Jam Cookies

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Feature of the Day #36: Sandpiper Art

Landscape painting print, Rustic Landscape painting print, nature decor, wall art, home decor
Landscape Painting
Today's feature goes to Sandpiper Art, AKA, Vickie and her gorgeous photography and paintings.
Vickie has been an artist since she was a child, with a love for painting and drawing. However, art was placed on the back burner while she raised her two sons, until 5 years ago when she picked it up again. As she describes, her shop is, "my love for travel combined with a few of my favorite things."
Her art is inspired by the ocean, the mountains, sunrises/sunsets, as well as the clouds in the sky. Through her art, Vickie hopes to share her love of nature and the simple things in life. She loves to just be a part of nature, and to just be. She can have fun doing absolutely nothing, or just sitting or taking a walk in the world she loves so much.
landscape photograph  western landscape  landscape wall art  western home decor  meadow fence photograph
Western Landscape
Her love for nature shines through in all of her work. She captures rolling landscapes and gentle moments in time with a soft hand and keen eye. Her photography feels rural and untamed. Yet there is almost always a human element within. It demonstrates the co-existence between humanity and nature. For example, Surreal Woodland Landscape (below) is a haunting homage to the winding back roads. The black top may cut through the forest, but the forest will not be denied. The looming trees stretch over the road, as though slowly forming a cage in which to capture unwary travelers. The fog seeping through the branches seems to aid this haunting landscape; as though assisting the trees and their net. The road currently stands alone, waiting to assist its next traveler. It is keeping the trees at bay. For now.
ocean landscape  beach painting  beach wall art  nautical art  Sea Oat Sunset 8x10 print
Ocean Landscape Painting
Vickie's paintings are strong yet wispy, capturing the best nature has to offer. Moving from the canvas, she also paints on ornaments and rocking chairs. It's a beautiful way to enhance not only an object's worth visually, but changes it from a chair to an heirloom. In Ocean Landscape Painting (right), Vickie captures a sunset/sunrise beautifully with beach grass silhouetted in the foreground. There almost seems to be a breeze moving gently through the painting, rustling the grass. Perhaps the sound of a wave in the distance, and a crisp breath of ocean air. For anyone who has been on a beach at sunrise/sunset, they can relate to the moment and reminisce in its soothing memories.
To see much more of Vickie's work, including her rocking chairs and ornaments, make sure to stop by her store today:
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And her website here:

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home decor photograhy, woodland wall art, nature decor,Surreal landscape,woodland photography
 Surreal Woodland Landscape